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New Found Generation has various services that we offer to the community and schools. How can we help you?

Placing of an Interceptor in your school

  • The interceptor will be equipped to give guidance for teenagers and parents.
  • We require an office to be made available to the interceptor.
  • Interceptor will be at the school during school hours and available for appointments after school if the need arises.

Presenting of temperament course

For a fee of R50 p.p this training can be arranged, the course is designed for learners, teachers and parents to understand themselves better regarding their personality type etc. Duration of course is 90 minutes (1 hour 30 min).

School Assemblies

Either one of our interceptors or the team can be booked whereby drama and singing is done with a message being shared for primary schools. With high schools messages are shared with relevant topics and applications.

Motivational talks and events

Based on your event theme motivational talks can be booked. We would also love to be part of your next school camp, leadership camp, youth camp or teambuilding event. We have even developed full day courses whereby groups can be engaged with on their level. Schools can work alongside interceptors to ensure that your specific needs are addressed.

Info sessions for parents

We aim to present events with relevant topics that teens and tweens are faced with that parents must be aware of.

Guidance for parents and teens

As and when needed guidance sessions can be arranged with one of our interceptors to coach you through the difficult times.

I`m a scholar and or Parent. How can NFG help me?

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation that you really don’t know how to handle. No one to speak to in confidence, or to trust to help you in the best way.

We as New Found Generation can and will offer you help. We focus on different intelligences in peoples day to day lives.

  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Physical Intelligence
  • Leadership Intelligence
  • Spiritual Intelligence
  • Mental Intelligence
We believe in coaching you through your challenges in life.

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