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Where, what and how we do it:

New Found Generation has identified a need in schools, and this is to have an allocated full-time Interceptor to support the youth, encourage and motivate them and also to give guidance regarding their future decisions. The vision of New Found Generation is to place life coaches in both High schools and Primary schools, in the areas of Heidelberg to Sasolburg and surrounds (but not limited to these areas). The interceptors will be qualified, trained and motivated to complete the required tasks.
We want to use interceptors that have a passion for the youth and schools. After the candidates have been identified, they will be trained and supporting material will be provided in the form of a toolkit, to complete and accomplish these tasks successfully. The building blocks of the training material will be:

  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Physical intelligence
  • Leadership intelligence
  • Spiritual intelligence
  • Mental intelligence

These tasks will also include counselling and trauma counselling. The interceptor will need to identify problems and deal with them according to training received, together with the assistance of Pierre Ronquest should the situation require it. Tasks that will also be required are youth weeks that will be organised through New Found Generation with the help of the interceptor where specific topics will be covered every day together with games, guest speakers as well as bands that will assist with praise & worship evenings.

Our current coaches:

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